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    Foodicity: The App that Connects Hospitality with Food Lovers

    The digital age is rapidly transforming the way the food and beverage industry connects with their customers. Not only do your products have to appeal to your audience, you also need to create a great online experience that entices them to visit your restaurant, casino, hotel, food truck, event, or other hospitality business. Consumers also

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    Introducing WebAR: Integrating AR Right into Your Website

    Traditionally, marketing strategies using augmented reality (AR) have been delivered through standalone apps or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. These methods provide your customers with quick and easy access to your AR experiences through their mobile devices. However, it’s been noted that less than 10% of customers engage with brands through

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    8 Ways AR Can Help Build Your Hospitality Business

    Digital marketing can help almost any restaurant, casino, hotel, or other hospitality business increase brand awareness and sales. However, modern shoppers are beginning to expect more than just advertising from food service providers – they’re looking for an engaging online experience that will draw them into your location and encourage spreading the word about your

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