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Introducing WebAR: Integrating AR Right into Your Website

Traditionally, marketing strategies using augmented reality (AR) have been delivered through standalone apps or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. These methods provide your customers with quick and easy access to your AR experiences through their mobile devices.

However, it’s been noted that less than 10% of customers engage with brands through apps. This means a vast portion of potential buyers could be missing out on your AR experiences, leading to lost engagement and sales opportunities. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to capture these missing leads through webAR, offering offers businesses a new option to harness the marketing power of augmented reality through your customers’ mobile web browsers. 


The Best AR Solution for Web Browsers

WebAR, now offered by Foodicity is the easiest, most robust way for businesses to provide engaging AR content to customers who typically shop using a mobile or desktop browser, without compromising either the quality of the experience or its ease of use.

This new technology allows users to click a single “smart link” that can launch AR on iOS and Android devices, but also provide a 3D view on desktop. WebAR applications use the JavaScript 3D rendering libraries that already exist in the browser, allowing for seamless cross-platform compatibility across most browsers and mobile devices.

In comparison, Apple’s recently launched USDZ files are only compatible with iOS devices, with no built-in compatibility for Android or desktop users. Our technology enables users to access your AR content on iOS, Android, and desktop, giving you a clear advantage over your competitors as you reach the widest market possible. 


WebAR Comes to Foodicity Services

No matter what line of business you’re in, there’s an opportunity to use webAR to boost engagement, increase sales, and stay ahead of your competition.

This is especially true for the hospitality industry, which can now offer 3D interactive menus with Foodicity, a new innovation from Upcoming Media Inc. With just a single click on their mobile or desktop browser, diners can now enjoy amazing webAR experiences right from your website or scannable QR code on their menu. 

AR content for restaurants, casinos, caterers, hotels, and others in hospitality can provide information, education, and entertainment that will result in additional orders, repeat business, and brand awareness through social media sharing.

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Customized AR Solutions in Toronto, Canada, and Around the World

Have a specialized need that will enhance your customer experience through AR technology? Talk to us! Upcoming Media can help bring your concept to life from the initial design and build stages right up through launch day. No matter how complex your idea, our development team has the experience to use AR technology to build interactive solutions that your customers will love. Connect with us at contact@upcomingmedia.comfor more information!

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