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Foodicity: The App that Connects Hospitality with Food Lovers

The digital age is rapidly transforming the way the food and beverage industry connects with their customers. Not only do your products have to appeal to your audience, you also need to create a great online experience that entices them to visit your restaurant, casino, hotel, food truck, event, or other hospitality business.

Consumers also face challenges when searching online for new restaurants to try, relying on Google to return the most relevant results amongst websites that might have little to do with what they’re looking for. Sometimes, it’s a roll of the dice that your business will appear on the first page at all.

The result of both scenarios is that hungry and adventurous diners aren’t finding you online or visiting you in person. Fortunately, the answer to overcome this and bring more customers into your location is contained in one single app. 

Upcoming Media Inc. has just announced the launch of Foodicity, a new app built exclusively for the food and beverage industry. The app is designed to help food businesses build customer relationships through customized interactive content, as well as provide a means for new customers and curious foodists to find you. 


How Does Foodicity Work?

Customers who download the Foodicity app are curious about dining out more, but lack the necessary details that will prompt them to try new places, giving you a qualified, ready-made audience to engage with. Targeted marketing couldn’t be easier!

Once users open the app, they’ll be able to link to an interactive screen that will display local restaurant information along with any current promotions and specials. From there, the user can either click on a promoted local business or explore the interactive map.

Clicking on a promoted local business will display your business profile, which contains contact information, your menu, a photo gallery, and an augmented reality (AR) node to display coupons. The customer experience can be elevated with features such as AR games with rewards, frames, and brand ambassador content, as well as fully interactive and realistic 3D renderings of your menu items using advanced AR technology. 

Take engagement a step further with AR portals, which features 360° video or photography to give diners a panoramic inside view of your restaurant and kitchen, or fun, customized scavenger hunts or other games where customers can earn rewards.


Clicking on the map allows the customer to review local food and beverage locations in a geographic setting. The interactive AR map features an overhead bird’s eye view of the local area with marked locations, promotions, and activities, along with AR nodes. Here, diners can find great places to visit, get directions, have the option to connect to Uber, make reservations, and get access to deals and promotions. 

The app also includes an AR vision feature where the user can point their phone at real world locations with digital overlays that can be expanded for more information, and an option to get pinged with new promotions and discounts. To encourage frequent use that will increase your visibility, Foodicity contains an in-app loyalty program that rewards users with points and exclusive opportunities.


Foodicity’s Features for Business

For business owners, Foodicity features an easy-to-use dashboard with robust analytics, so you can track which parts of your marketing efforts are working, and re-examine what isn’t.

The app’s robust back-end features allow you to manage your profile, add or remove promotions, add and update content, and more. You’ll also be able to network with others in your industry, giving you the opportunity to create partnerships and solidify relationships.

For people who love food, Foodicity offers the fastest, most engaging way to find new places to visit and frequent. For food and beverage professionals, reaching a new audience and keeping customers updated in real time has never been easier or more effective. Contact us today for a free demonstration!


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