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8 Ways AR Can Help Build Your Hospitality Business

Digital marketing can help almost any restaurant, casino, hotel, or other hospitality business increase brand awareness and sales. However, modern shoppers are beginning to expect more than just advertising from food service providers – they’re looking for an engaging online experience that will draw them into your location and encourage spreading the word about your food and beverage products.

Utilizing new marketing technology such as augmented reality (AR) within apps is the key to providing these memorable experiences to your customers. Here are 8 ways these cost-effective innovations can help grow your hospitality business:

  1.   Increase foot traffic: Highlight your brand logo on an interactive, clickable map that allows locals and tourists to easily find you when searching for a nearby place to eat
  1.   Send instant alerts: Enable instant alerts to notify users within your vicinity with a notification, which loads your advertising, promotion or other relevant content once activated
  1.   Provide beautiful visualizations of your food: Standard print photographs of your dishes can’t engage, entertain, or educate your guests better than a lifelike, 360°full-colour visualization, which also allows them to make a more informed ordering decision
  1.   Diner education: AR technology integrated into digital menus enables patrons to quickly get preparation, dietary, nutritional, and other information about your dishes that won’t fit onto a print menu 
  1.   More efficient ordering: Provide a more personal dining experience by educating your customers, which in turn will make for a faster, more efficient ordering and serving process
  1.   Break language barriers: Built-in translation capabilities allow customers to interact with your digital menus and apps in a wide range of languages, perfect for tourists and international diners
  1.   Cut printing costs: Digital menus can easily be updated in real time, eliminating the need to collect and reprint existing print materials
  1.   Take your brand viral: Add posts that feature 3D holographic images of your food to your social media strategy, prompting likes, comments, and shares that will take your brand and menu to the user’s entire network and beyond


Introducing the Foodicity App for Hospitality

Take your customers’ experience to the next level with Foodicity, an interactive app from Upcoming Media Inc., and created especially for the hospitality industry! With one app, customers can connect with your digital content through interactive maps, promotional listings, and fun games and activities. 

Foodicity allows you to use today’s technology to build customer relationships and attract new business. Contact us today for a free demonstration!


Customized AR Solutions in Toronto, Canada, and Around the World

Have a specialized need that will enhance your customer experience through AR technology? Talk to us! Upcoming Media can help bring your concept to life from the initial design and build stages right up through launch day. No matter how complex your idea, our development team has the experience to use AR technology to build interactive solutions that your customers will love. Connect with us at contact@upcomingmedia.com for more information!

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